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Bjøro Håland was born in 1943 at a small farm in Norway called Håland, where he grew up together with 5 brothers and sisters. He soon became interested in singing and music. All the oldest children, there amongst Bjøro, had to work on the farm to help their parents who lived off the land.

At the age of 5, he performed on stage for the first time.

When he turned 17, he immigrated to USA where he worked as a carpenter and sang in the local bars. He met his wife Liv in Brooklyn, and they moved back to Norway in 1966 and raised two children. His first recording was made in 1970.

He now travels back and forth between the USA and his beloved native Norway. Whenever he is in Norway he lives in Kristiansand in the south.

He is a highly recognized recording artist.

...To be continued...



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